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Haven Promotions Incorporated

Haven Promotions Inc. (HPI)  is a not-for-profit registered charity established by residents of the

City of Willoughby to advance culture by promoting the arts and performing arts.

We seek to reinvigorate the tradition of people coming together to nourish the human spirit.

To this end, we strongly support the Haven Amphitheatre in Castlecrag and its legacy of theatrical performance.

This community theatre, originally conceived by Marion and Walter Burley Griffin, has hosted and produced hundreds of plays, concerts, cabarets and other functions for nearly a century.


HPI's current project is to raise funds to support rebuilding the now demolished old stage at the Haven Amphitheatre.

We presented 'The Carnival' - a circus opera - at The Concourse Theatre, Chatswood on 17 & 18 February 2017.


It was

raising over $58,000
to support rebuilding the
Haven Amphitheatre stage.

Thank you to our numerous supporters, donors

and generous sponsors.




HPI seeks to ensure that this living national treasure can continue to serve as a hatchery for young talent and

to showcase the ideals of Marion Mahony Griffin, an extraordinary visionary who understood theatre's power

as a force for celebration, for generosity of spirit and for social cohesion and harmony.

HPI Office Bearers

President  -  Dr Karen Byth Wilson

Vice President  -  Glen Gulliver

Secretary  -  Jill Newton

Treasurer  -  Chris Wren

Postal address  -  PO Box 4010, Castlecrag NSW 2068 Australia   

Email  -

(ABN 74 858 977 931) 

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