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Patricia O’Callaghan is regarded as “one of the best singers ever to come out of Canada” (Vivascene).

In addition to stage and concert performances across a range of genres in various continents, she has recorded six solo CDs and many interesting guest collaborations. In this one-off Sydney concert, Patricia O’Callaghan and her band showcase songs by legendary compatriot Leonard Cohen. Patricia recorded many of these songs to critical acclaim on her CD ‘Matador’:

“There is a vulnerable candor to her approach ..... a truly exceptional blend of natural expressiveness and masterful coloration ..... her tender versions of Cohen’s ‘Take this Waltz’ and ‘Hallelujah’ are revelatory.”
Billboard Magazine

Book now and enjoy a complimentary wine on arrival.

Leonard Cohen A4 poster.jpg

"What a concept: a gorgeous voice and a gorgeous melody ... Even if you’re not yet a cabaret fan, O’Callaghan will break (or steal) your heart "
- Playboy Magazine

"O’Callaghan’s an impressive talent with unlimited potential ... The show’s crammed with charm and charisma.
- Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star

"Her voice - supple yet clear, commanding yet intimate ...  [Real Emotional Girl] confirms the singer’s ability to stretch musical boundaries with a conviction that charms."
- Wayne Hoffman,  Billboard Magazine

"[Her] interpretation of songs by Kurt Weill, Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and Pearl Jam, to say nothing of Bob Dylan’s classic “Like a Rolling Stone,” have all the charm of a completely new love at first sight."
- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Patricia O’Callaghan has the kind of innocent, clear voice that could sing a baby to sleep, but it’s just as good at conjuring smokey nightclubs ...."
- Elisa Poole, The Globe and Mail

"Toronto cabaret singer Patricia O’Callaghan is pegged to become the genre’s first modern superstar."
- The National Post

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